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Bengaluru, fifth city in the world for the diversity of artificial intelligence workers

Bangalore ranked fifth in the top 50 cities list for having one of the world’s greatest diversity of artificial intelligence (AI) workers. The top four cities are from the United States, including New York, San Francisco, Boston, and Seattle. San Francisco has four times the AI ​​activity of other major cities with AI clusters.

The ranking was given by the TIDE Framework and listed by Harvard Business Journal (HBR).

The cities were assessed using a framework – TIDE (for Talent pool; Investments; Diversity of talents; Changing digital foundations of the country). According to the report, the framework gives companies a way to prioritize their AI talent search choices by noting the different pitches on the concentration, quality and diversity of AI talent.

“The AI ​​landscape is dynamic, especially in developing countries, and these changes can dramatically transform the hotspot list over time,” the report says.

Second greatest AI talent

According to other data from Fletcher School, Tufts University, Bengaluru also has the second largest AI talent pool in the world, The new Indian express reported. Factors are taken to measure the diversity of talents, investments, etc.

According to the report, the city is also on Harvard’s list of AI hotspots in the developing world. The report notes that the cost of living is also favorable.

Hyderabad, New Delhi and Mumbai also reached the top 50 cities, ranking 19th, 18th and 27th respectively.

Increase in hiring

Indian cities on the list hire three times as many AI workers as in 2017, and growth rate matches and surpasses the United States Almost 30% of scientific research papers in India include female authors – double the rate of the proportion of female authors the United States and the United Kingdom

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