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Asiainfo Technologies: participated in many activities of the World Artificial Intelligence Conference, “XR Scene Workshop” Shining Metaverse Exhibition Area

AsiaInfo participated in many activities of the World Conference on Artificial Intelligence, “XR Scene Workshop” Shining Metaverse Exhibition Area


A few days ago, the WAIC (World Artificial Intelligence Conference) 2022 co-sponsored by National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, State Internet Information Bureau, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, China Association for Science and Technology and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government were inaugurated in Shanghai. Dr. Ouyang Ye, senior vice president and chief technology officer of AsiaInfo, was invited to participate in China Mobile’s “Computing Power Network Building Foundation, Intelligent Computing lead forward” thematic forum, and Fu Wei, vice president of ‘AsiaInfo, was invited to attend. the Huawei Ascend Artificial Intelligence Ecological Conference.

“Computer network” is the basic condition for the industrialization and scale of artificial intelligence, and artificial intelligence is a necessary option for the development of “computer network”

At China Mobile’s “Computing Power Network Building Foundation, Intelligent Computing lead forward” forum, Dr. Ouyang Ye, Dr. Feng Junlan, Chief Scientist of China Mobile Research Institute, along with business executives and founders of Huawei, Baidu, SenseTime and other companies discussed the future development of China’s “intelligence and computing” industry. He believes that the computing power network is an important infrastructure for the industrialization and large-scale development of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence for the communication domain is integrated from the application layer to the physical layer, providing support for computing power network intelligence.

Figure: Forum website

Figure: Dr. Ouyang Ye speaking

Ouyang Ye said that in the past, artificial intelligence for the communication field was more about “adding intelligence” to computer systems, cloud computing and network infrastructure applications, and that it is was to integrate artificial intelligence capabilities into the ICT infrastructure in the form of functional patches, with lower standardization. “In the process of commercial use of 5G, artificial intelligence only exists as an ‘option’.” But now AI has become the native capability of 5G, computing power network and even 6G. The overall architecture design of the sixth-generation mobile communication starts from the formulation of the standard, and the native AI capability is integrated into the computing power network infrastructure and the 6G evolution process , and this “native” functionality is becoming more and more evident. Artificial intelligence has become a “required option” for the future development of the computing power network industry.

Ouyang Ye believes that the core technology innovation and industrial cooperation of artificial intelligence and computing power network should focus on the world and establish a “global outlook”. On the one hand, we must start from our own needs and the status quo, pay attention to global trends, and deepen our self-accumulation through actions of openness. In the field of “computing power network”, we have fully embarked on the journey of “from 0 to 1” in terms of setting standards and commercial implementation. On the other hand, the next generation of “computing” and “network”, as a new ICT infrastructure, is a model of “subtraction”, which not only saves costs, but also improves the efficiency of construction. He said AsiaInfo is willing to cooperate with partners from all walks of life to innovate and deepen cooperation, jointly promote the construction and development of China’s computing power network industry, and help hundreds and thousands of industries to rely on the foundation of computer power network to transform and upgrade from 1 to 100.

Join Huawei Ascend to launch industry solutions that empower AICE

Fu Wei, Vice President of AsiaInfo, was invited to attend the Ascend Artificial Intelligence Ecological Conference hosted by Huawei, and jointly released the “AICE Empowering Industry Solutions” with corporate guests such as Huawei, SenseTime and Yuncong Technology. As part of the Ascend AI Ecological Cooperation Awards, AsiaInfo received the “Ascend Prospect Award” from Huawei.

Figure : Fu Wei attended the joint exit ceremony

Previously, AsiaInfo has become an important partner of Huawei Ascend Smart City and its AI planning platform with its outstanding AI products and service capabilities, and cooperated with partners up and down the chain industry to jointly build a comprehensive and localized AI service platform. – Artificial intelligence fusion empowerment platform. AsiaInfo and Huawei have extensive and in-depth cooperation in cloud computing, smart city, artificial intelligence and other fields. The “Ascend Prospect Award” is a cooperation award given by Huawei to important partners based on dimensions such as innovation capability, business collaboration, and customer service level.

AsiaInfo’s “XR Scenario Workshop” Creates Virtual Scenarios to Solve Real Problems

In the conference’s Metaverse exhibition area, AsiaInfo’s “XR Scene Workshop” attracted wide attention for its strong interactivity and exquisite display effects. “XR Scenario Workshop” is a product for producing and displaying XR content (extended reality, including AR, VR, MR). It is based on 3D, Unity, AR/VR and other technologies, providing comprehensive “one-stop-shop” support for data collection, model building. visual development, deployment, operation and monitoring, helping governments and enterprise customers quickly create immersive business scenarios of “720-degree high-precision panoramic visualization” and leveraging virtual reality to explore and solve practical business problems.

Figure: On-premises display

This product supports the collection, analysis and modeling of multi-source heterogeneous data such as CAD, BIM, GIS, oblique photography, panoramic images, etc. It provides full abstraction capabilities and general interfaces, and has a large number of built-in models. materials to help customers create a 3D scene quickly and easily; Support fast publishing to web, H5, big screen, APP and other channels. It has wide application in scenarios like online display and IoT management. It has been applied in intelligent buildings, digital exhibition halls, digital business halls, intelligent fire protection and other projects, and was selected for the “Industry Innovation Results of Digital Economy” of the World Conference on the Digital Economy 2022.