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Artificial waterfall in Sirumalai to attract tourists soon: Collector

Sirumalai, which is a tourist attraction for those visiting Dindigul district, is expected to have a man-made waterfall soon, district collector S Visakan said on Saturday.

Besides Kodaikanal and the temple town of Palani, Sirumalai is one of the favorite destinations for nature lovers and those who want to take short trips from the southern districts. There are also a few homestay facilities available in the hills.

Almost for seven months a year, from October to January, a rain-fed stream flows from the hills. Later in February and March or until mid-April, the flow is irregular depending on the rains but it helps to keep the water table recharged. In order to conserve water, officials from the District Rural Development Agency proposed to build a check dam in Pazhayur.

Under MGNREGA, work was resumed and subsequently the check dam was completed.

Now, after some inspections, the officials have come up with the idea of ​​turning it into a tourist spot and have decided to make some changes. Due to an advantageous natural slope, the water falls from the control dam. As it could be converted into a tourist attraction, the idea was executed after some additional visits by collector Visakan and additional collector (development) Dinesh Kumar.

“In fact, there are even plans to make the waterfall more appealing and friendly to people with disabilities and the elderly, a first of its kind,” site officials said and hoped the 12-foot-tall man-made waterfall would give a real-time experience for those who enjoy bathing in the natural falls.

Apart from MGNREGA, local panchayat funds were also used to complete the project at ₹33 lakh. The attraction will soon be open to the public, officials added.