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Artificial temporal bone created, the skull is being manufactured | Nagpur News

Nagpur: As corpses are not available in sufficient numbers for dissection in medical schools, a concept of 3D artificial bones has been introduced recently. A Nagpur start-up has successfully made an artificial temporal bone for the practice of dissection.
NU OSSA Mediquip Pvt Ltd received a grant of Rs50 lakh from the Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) and professional mentorship from Atal Innovation Mission. The next goal is to develop an entire skull with all bones and soft tissues for the benefit of ENT, neuro and facial surgeons.
Veteran ENT surgeon Dr Prashant Naik developed this concept. He has worked there with Piyush Ukey for six years.
“The temporal bone is one of the most complex parts of the body. Highly trained otolaryngologists are needed to perform ear surgery. Surgical skills can be best developed by performing simulation surgery on the temporal bone. Currently, simulated temporal bone surgery is performed only on temporal bones from cadavers, ”said Dr Naik.
As the availability of temporal bones from cadavers is very limited and the cost of cadavers also varies, Dr Naik considered making an artificial bone in 2015. “As a Nagpurian, I went to VNIT for the ultimate solution. Here, Dr Rashmi Uddanwadikar from the Mechanical Engineering Department gave me the reference from Piyush Ukey who was working on a similar topic. Under his leadership, we started to develop the concept, ”said Dr Naik.
While Dr Uddanwadikar became the company’s founding advisor, Dr Naik, surgeons Dr Shashank Lule and Dr Subhash Lule became directors with Ukey and founded NU OSSA Mediquip Pvt Ltd.
Ukey said it was a learning experience for him. “I was doing my M Tech at IIIT Jabalpur when I heard about this interesting project. It took at least four years of hard work, research and brainstorming to make a prototype. Doctors who validated our product said it was over 90% similar to real bone, ”Ukey said.
According to Dr Naik, the top 50 ENT surgeons in India and abroad including Padma Shri Dr Milind Kirtane have used this bone and found it perfect.
“Very soon we will have the mentorship and endorsement of Atal Innovation Mission. I hope the mass production of temporal bone will begin. But the main goal is to make a complete skull with all the soft tissue and we will offer that as well, ”said Ukey.