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Artificial intelligence will add $10 billion to the global economy over the next decade – IBM CEO

Artificial intelligence (AI) will add up to $10 billion to the global economy over the next decade, said Arvind Krishna, chairman and CEO of IBM.

Greater adoption of AI in the UAE could also generate up to $200 billion in productivity gains by 2030, Krishna told Omar bin Sultan Al Olama, minister of state for intelligence. artificial intelligence, digital economy and telecommuting applications, during the World Government Summit 2022, official news agency W.A.M. reported.

The leader of the American tech giant called on AI to transform the global economy after warning that the planet lacked the qualified people to deal with the pandemic-induced disruptions caused everywhere in the workplace.

“I fundamentally believe that AI delivers over $10 billion in productivity to the world. If you think about the increase in GDP, it could be somewhere between 10, 20 or 30%. But we have to do it carefully, we have to harness the skills and deploy them in the right way,” Krishna said, speaking during a one-on-one panel.The Next Great Merger: Governments and Technology”.

Omar bin Sultan said the UAE’s talent pool will be boosted by India’s decision to establish the first Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Abu Dhabi.

Last year, Mohamed bin Zayed Artificial Intelligence University (MBZUAI), a graduate research university focused on artificial intelligence (AI), launched an executive program, designed to help the government and the UAE’s business elite to unleash the potential of AI to deliver smart management, increased efficiency and increased productivity.

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Located in Masdar City, MBZUAI offers Master of Science, Msc and PhD level programs in key areas of AI such as machine learning, computer vision and natural language processing.

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