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Artificial Intelligence Meets Human Art – The New Indian Express

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BENGALURU: This is not the first time Bengaluru-based artist Raghava KK has created something beyond imagination. On October 8, 2021, he auctioned off the first-ever human orgasm in an art form at Sotheby’s in New York for $94,500. Although it turned out to be a huge success, he wanted to bring the project closer to home. So he has taken his game a notch higher and uses the help of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve it.

With AI, he “created” multiple orgasms (male, female and couple) and created Cyborg Desires, the world’s first AI orgasms. “The goal was to train and teach the machine to live the most intimate human experiences, and then have the machine create – with human help – its own intimate moments,” explains- he. Now, a community funding a “regenerative future” by building on artists and creators, ReGenDAO and Raghava will launch an NFT at Techne Disrupters, an epistemological art and technology show, next week in New Delhi.

Explaining the concept in more detail, Raghava adds, “There will be a drop of a rare 3D Cyborg Desires and a series of 69 collectibles. The proceeds we collect from the sale of NFTs will go to regeneration and land-art projects.

A ton of data, while working with different people for the project, was collected to see how they react to certain situations. Raghava took it upon himself to figure out how the physical sensation of an orgasm can be interpreted digitally. And he used the most advanced technology to learn and create art from it.

Made in collaboration with data scientist and AI artist Harshit Agrawal, neuroscientist Abhijeet Satani and technology advisor and 3D model developer Simone Majocchi, Raghava explains: “It was a dream project. I am extremely nervous to present this in my home country as it is something that is not openly discussed. After the original piece sold at Sotheby’s, I started working on a brand new project, but I used the data gathered from that project. Now these artworks are going to be the new NFTs,” he says.

All proceeds from the sale of the NFTs will go to the Dhun Project which provides funds to Public Land Art Expressions, which is a pioneering open-air museum project in Jaipur. “This will help to advocate for an accelerated transition to post-carbon economies by providing public art in open natural sites and exploring alternative modes of art production and consumption by incubating individual and global art projects. collaborative,” he explains.