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Artificial intelligence center will bring together Greece’s best minds – Greek City Times

“The initiative of the ‘Archimedes’ center started as a thought and today is a real project which has guaranteed funding from the recovery fund in order to bring together in Greece the brilliant minds who work on this subject”, declared the Prime Minister. Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Mitsotakis added, “Speaking, I am also looking forward to this. “

Speaking at an event Wednesday for the creation of the Archimedes research center, he added that many of the problems that arise from the application of artificial intelligence already have direct implications in philosophy and ethics.

“Artificial intelligence allows us to see connections where the mind cannot easily see and process,” Mitsotakis said.

“I will give three examples. Last summer, we used an artificial intelligence algorithm so that we could do an entry test in Greece with greater accuracy than if we had done it at random.

“Consider the possibilities that exist in the area of ​​tax revenue collection in order to carry out targeted checks.

“I imagine that there are artificial intelligence tools to regulate the operation of traffic lights in the streets and to manage traffic in Athens. There are too many fields.

The prime minister also said he looked forward to a dialogue with leading scientists in the field on data issues related to democracy issues.

“The possibility of having an artificial intelligence center that will bring together the best minds of Greece, with secure funding, is an important asset for the country, a vision that is being put into practice and I can only ” be very satisfied and excited about the prospects. let the new effort begin, ”he added.

“In Greece, we have a business ecosystem that is developing products and applications for the global market. Greek jobs, Greek prospects for Greek graduates from our excellent universities ”, Mitsotakis declared.

He noted, among other things, that artificial intelligence can provide a solution to a problem that cannot be solved with conventional tools.

The Prime Minister also mentioned the possibility of such a center to make its judgments in an objective and meritocratic way without interventions.

“We want the quality of the work to be judged and your presence is a huge guarantee of meritocracy”, he stressed.

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