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Artificial intelligence against Leonardo da Vinci

By Danilo Vicente*

Many times I have seen attempts to show what La Gioconda would look like today, or Mona Lisa, the woman immortalized in Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous painting. But this week, tech company Mathema, of Florence, Italy, the city where the painter has lived and worked most of his life, announced a project that seeks the opposite: converting selfies into self-portraits that simulate the work by Leonardo da Vinci. .

The promise of the so-called “DaVinciFace” is to deliver an inspired version of the master’s art in just two minutes. According to spokesman Massimiliano Bellini, the technology aims to “relive the splendor of the Italian Renaissance”.

Very well. The result everyone can judge. This seems to me a technology to “yellow” the photo, still far from what Da Vinci brought with his Sfumato technique, which manages to faithfully reproduce human skin.

What caught my eye was a machine’s attempt to match human expertise to something so abstract.. It’s no longer human versus robot chess games – which is quite an achievement. These are the great works of art of mankind.

Mathema’s artificial intelligence was trained with works by Leonardo da Vinci such as La Belle Ferronnière and, of course, Mona Lisa, plus approximately “420 million parametersaccording to the company, then apply the painter’s style to the photos.

The system to acquire the “Da Vinci version” in the selfie fell this week, due to the success of the initiative, specifies the company.

Mathema points out that while AI technology is making the process easier, it’s not easy to turn selfies into “works of artists”. There I agree. We haven’t gotten to the machine yet to create like Da Vinci because it really isn’t that easy. Even most humans couldn’t. But that day will come, I believe.

*Danilo Vicente is a partner of Loures Comunicação

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