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Artificial heart developer BiVacor taps former Abiomed executive as CEO

BiVacor announced this week that former Abiomed executive Thomas Vassiliades has been named CEO, effective immediately.

Before joining the company, Vassiliades was until recently General Manager of the surgery and heart failure activity at Abiomed.

He also served as Medtronic’s Chief Medical Officer of Coronary and Structural Cardiac Activity, and Chief Medical Officer and Integrator of Medtronic’s Mechanical Circulatory Support Effort in 2016. Vassiliades has performed cardiac surgery for over 18 years before joining the medical device industry.

“BiVacor conducted an extensive CEO search, and Tom was a clear choice given his experience, background, leadership style and outstanding track record,” said BiVacor Founder Daniel Timms. “Tom has the skills and credibility to guide BiVacor through its next chapter of transformation and advancement as we embark on the next stage of clinical activities leading to first early human feasibility studies.”

Timms will remain involved in company operations and retain his role as CTO. It will focus on the technical development of the total artificial heart system.

“I am thrilled and honored to join the BiVacor team, to work closely with Daniel and the entire team as we look forward to bringing this life-changing technology to market,” said Vassiliades. “Throughout my career, I have been driven by the goal of bringing innovative cardiovascular therapies to market to improve patient care and outcomes, bringing solutions to those who have none. BiVacor is uniquely positioned to provide long-term treatment for patients with severe biventricular heart failure. »

BiVacor manufactures a total artificial heart designed for the long-term treatment of patients with severe biventricular heart failure. The device is an implantable total artificial heart based on rotary blood pump technology. It is similar in size to an adult fist, but small enough to be implanted in many women and some children.