Artificial system

A new artificial intelligence center is coming to The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

The new department will change the way healthcare professionals think about the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases.

A new $2 million gift to The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) is enabling the hospital to create a new artificial intelligence (AI) center that will help transform the way chronic disease is prevented, diagnosed and treated.

Talk to Sam Laprade’s show on Wednesday, March 2, Dr. Doug Manuel, Principal Investigator at TOH’s Research Institute, explained that AI has the potential to transform.

“What he is going to do is give us infrastructure. It’s so difficult nowadays, it’s so complex and it takes a lot of effort. We have research funds, but we often don’t have research funds for the infrastructure on the consultation side, for what I call the data pipeline.

The multi-million dollar donation comes from TD Bank Group and will help change the way healthcare professionals treat chronic conditions like cancer, heart disease and brain disorders, among others.

“It also means that TOH may have core projects on the prevention of several chronic diseases, kidney disease and Parkinson’s disease, but we will use these core projects to help AI throughout the hospital.” , said Manuel.

For example, if this AI technology had been available during the COVID-19 pandemic, it could have helped better understand who would need to be tested, the chances of catching the virus and the outcomes of the disease, a explained Manuel.

For Manuel, the future of medicine is about being precise, and it can only become more so as more innovations like the AI ​​Hub are made possible.

“I think it will be more accurate – it will allow people to have a clearer picture of the likelihood of a diagnosis or the benefits of treatment,” he said. “I think when I was in medical school we saw electronic health records – a division of them – but how we might use the information was still a bit imaginary.”