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A glimpse of the Saudi Crown Prince’s $500 billion NEOM Smart City project

Riyadh: In an announced project to revolutionize mountain tourism in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced the creation of a new global destination in 2017. According to a Bloomberg report, the project involves transforming a stretch of desert from the size of Belgium into a high-tech city-region called NEOM. So far, $500 billion has been injected into the project with the aim of transforming the Saudi economy.Also Read – Viral Video: Dog Has Fun Splashing Water, His Unique Bathing Style Amuses Him Twitter | look

This futuristic megacity is supposed to be 33 times the size of New York and will cover an area of ​​26,500 km2 stretching along the Gulf of Aqaba and Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coast. The megacity will be built using artificial intelligence and clean energy sources, and is expected to be completed by 2026. Neom claims to be a “plan for tomorrow in which humanity progresses without compromising the health of the planet”.

Flying taxi drones, a Jurassic Park-style amusement park and a giant artificial moon are the ambitious things planned for the city. An internal Neom “style catalog” consulted by Bloomberg Businessweek features elevators that somehow soar through the sky, an urban spaceport, and buildings shaped like a double helix, a falcon’s outstretched wings, and a blooming flower.

Part of the NEOM project is another clean energy destination called The Line, a city that stretches in a straight line. The line is expected to be a belt of hyperconnected communities spanning a 105-mile (170 km) long line and will cost around $200 billion to build.

More recently, the Crown Prince announced that the NEOM would also be home to TROJENA, a year-round ski village, a nearly two-mile man-made freshwater lake and a vertical village with a fusion of technology, entertainment and reception facilities. According to a press release, Trojena expects to attract 700,000 visitors and 7,000 permanent residents by 2030.

“TROJENA will redefine mountain tourism for the world by creating a place based on the principles of ecotourism, highlighting our efforts to preserve nature and improve the quality of life of the community, which is aligned with the objectives of the Vision 2030 of the Kingdom,” the Saudi Crown said. Prince said in a statement.